The 2011 Veteran's day hunt started off on Thursday night in Moses Lake, Wa. Nine out of the Ten hunters met up at the Super China Buffet II (yes there is more than one) and sat down for some 2.5 Star dinner with the owner of North Flight Waterfowl Ben Holten. As we got to know each other over our dinner Ben busted out his cell phone and showed us some video of what we could possibly expect... a tornado of canada's spirling down onto the decoys just begging to be lit up. We had no idea how true this would actually be. I remember telling Ben, "If I saw that I don't know if I will be able to shoot I will be crying so hard." After dinner, and establishing our teams we split up to go to our hotels or Ben's house agreeing to meet up at the Exon station at 5:00am.

The alarm clocks started buzzing at 4:15am, and if you ask some it did not go off quick enough. We all spent the night tossing and turning, partly to the anticipation of the upcoming hunt and somewhat due to the fact that Lewis snores louder than a freight train. After bashing Lewis about his snoring and putting on the cold weather gear we headed out to the trucks and headed out to the Exon to once again meet up, talk a little trash, drink some coffee and meet our guides. The Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force team headed off to our feild with Earl and started setting up and grassing up our layout blinds. The anticipation building as first light came around... and there were zero geese in the air. Earl assured us to wait paitently and gave us tips on what to do when the geese starting coming in.

About 15 minutes later we hear "Oh shit, here they come!" As I glanced up I was able to see what I have only seen in videos on youtube and in DVD's. A cloud of Lesser's locked up, cupped and coming in. My tornado! I could not believe it. My Heart was pounding as I was able to see about 100 to 200 geese settle in the decoys with many, many more still in the sky. As Earl

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    November 2011